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YM Certification, LEVEL ONE, Young Leaders Training! YM International is proud to provide LEVEL ONE training to all young leaders and those who desire to discover God’s purpose and will for their lives. This online experience is totally free!

Value Added

YM has developed a YM Certification Manual and Workbook. This resource takes you through the entire training, plus gives you a 90-day Workbook to engage in practical training.

The online experience is totally free, but you can add greater value by purchasing the YM Certification Manual and the YM Certification Workbook. These valuable resources will measure your growth as a leader.

  • Train Globally
    YM Certification can be accessed anywhere in the world, any time on all devices.

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    Join other young leaders from around the world as you train.

  • Free Course
    YM Certification is accessed for free. Create an account and download your Certification resources today!